El “ojo discernador” de Cirilo Villaverde

There is a nice chapter title for me if I write it in Spanish.

Research, deciding not to be afraid about teaching, and other forms of rest and relaxation are very renewing but most renewing is our resolution never to listen to one of the chairs, to say obedezco pero no cumplo … and the realization that the incompetence is greater than we knew and exists at levels we were too polite to recognize.

Being able to see this, undiplomatic as it is, is very important for efficiency and thus enables me to contribute much more to the university.

I am irritated and I discern that I have been angry for years, because they have insisted upon being so destructive and also because it has seemed one had to be diplomatic with them about it, or nurse them about it. In fact my original plan was best, to ignore them completely. I am shocked at how I got sucked in and at how poor the results have been.

Professors would say it is my fault, I should have been made of iron and should have been able to withstand anything, were I “serious.” I do not know any who have even faced what I have, however.

Anyway, it is interesting to imagine this article in Spanish, ignore everyone and think only of my communities far away.



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