C’est quoi qui m’a formée? Et si c’est tout?

I have written these things down before,  but in Spanish and more interestingly, in the style of Altazor (or so I imagined). But très rapidement, I created my research program when I was two or three.

At that time I was acquiring language and noticing that it was changing me. The world was coming into sharper focus, I was able to see and say more things about it every day, but I was losing contact with something else, with intuitions, with the material, with knowledge I had had and that did not fit into language, with a glowing light I knew I would not see again until life’s end. I wondered, then: does language form thought, or thought language? I wanted thought to precede language, but I could see that language actually selected perceptions and went on to form thought around these.

I wondered whether others had considered these questions and was moved to ask my mother, but then changed my mind and decided the better person to ask would be my father, as he tended to be the more conceptually oriented or the more abstract thinker of the two.

He said that this was not a settled question but a research field, and that to find an answer to it I would have to undertake advanced research and, probably, learn French since some of the work on my question had been done in French.

I decided I would undertake such research since it would clearly support my broader goal, which was to know everything.  I was delighted to find that French was a language like the two I was already aware of, Spanish and English–and that beyond French there were many further languages.


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