Des luttes

If what is formative is what you struggled for then we can say I: – fought tooth and nail for reason and rationality (and no, not rationalization or false logic or emotionlessness) – fought tooth and nail to go to a real university and not just a nice safe nurturing college – fought tooth and … More Des luttes


I should talk about kinds of music, nature, and possibly storybooks and poems, to participate in that series on “formation.” I should also talk about the grape boycott and related events of that time. Really what I have to say is that I should never have left California or rather, that I never had the … More Stand-in

Les mathématiques

Et cette série m’ennuie; il me semble que je l’ai déjà écrit, dans ce même codex. My intellectual formation, comment elle s’est donnée, on le sait. And: did one need my life to become me? My friend Nicky has a formation very like mine but did not come to it by the same paths at … More Les mathématiques


C’est quoi qui m’a formée? Et si c’est tout? I have written these things down before,  but in Spanish and more interestingly, in the style of Altazor (or so I imagined). But très rapidement, I created my research program when I was two or three. At that time I was acquiring language and noticing that … More Formatif