La voix

I always said the problem I had after Reeducation was loss of voice. And earlier on, it had apparently been difficult to get one. Someone once told me that all those sore throats I used to get as a child–it was my stress reaction–were a sign that I had something to say that I was not saying.

Voice.  The colonization of my voice earlier on. The writer’s block after Reeducation. The question of whether it was Reeducation primarily, or whether it had more to do with the earlier colonization. This has to be thought about in relation to the dreams I have, where my public self is hiding my inner self from view so as to keep it from harm.

Colonise la douleur avec ta voix.


3 thoughts on “La voix

    1. Oh, gosh — that is a difficult question, so hard to choose just one, I have to speak off the top of my head. Really frivolous: Stephen Hart’s biography of Vallejo. Frivolous because it is overpriced and it is also owned by Tulane. I will think about this: perhaps something not in field. Something psychoanalytic and wiggy, since we are on this topic.

      1. Here’s another: Ernesto Giménez Caballero : the vanguard years (1921-1931)
        Author: Andrew A Anderson
        Publisher: Newark, Del. : Juan de la Cuesta, cop. 2011.
        Series: Juan de la Cuesta Hispanic monographs.

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