Le ménu

I had not actually shopped, but came up with this:

Red beans and rice with tasso
Keta salmon sautéed in olive oil
Purple and red potato salad vinaigrette with Creole mustard
White potato salad in mayonnaise and yoghurt with celery and eggs
Smothered cabbage
Green beans
Corn bread
Lemonade from our trees

That is a lot to make but you can do it easily if you are relaxed. The red beans came out well, which they often do not for me. It is a question of using more water than I imagine I will need, and cooking them very slowly. The other secret is that they need fat and salt — more than you really want to know. Some of this comes from olive oil, and some from meat.

All of this was made in cast iron and served in earthenware that I had made over the years.


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