Somehow related

…is the time a woman colleague and I had to be our department’s MLA interviewing committee because only we had papers in the MLA, so only we had any funding or any reason other than hiring to go. I remember the department being scared and worried and I thought it was because this gave us so much power in determining the short list. I realized in a dream the other night that the actual worry was whether or not we were competent to conduct interviews, and whether or not job candidates would take seriously a department whose interviewers were us.



4 thoughts on “Somehow related

  1. Wow. Jesus. That’s awful. The sort of thing that goes on all the time,too,as I observed as an older student privy to some of the secrets of an English department and a German department.

    1. Yes, although it is so egregious that it is easy to fight. Awful yes in its theoretical implications but not in its practical ones. It is the harder to catch iniquities that are really destructive, I find…

    1. My God, yes — a brilliant insight, and the key point. The lies make it so uheimlich, and are so un-mooring.

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