Dear graduate student…

You say you are hiding your intellectual views to be discreet and not offend those you perceive to be in power, but you are quite free with personal insults to those you perceive not to be.

It is in fact a good idea when you are new faculty to ask questions rather than make judgments, at least for the first two years. But not giving an opinion until after tenure is unrealistic and furthermore, you may have been hired precisely because your opinion is desired.

I have noticed, furthermore, that people who do not give opinions until tenure are of two kinds: those who will not give opinions after tenure, either, and those who refrain from poor behavior (not from giving opinions, from poor behavior) until after tenure.


2 thoughts on “Dear graduate student…

  1. Reblogged this on Clarissa's Blog and commented:

    I’m in complete agreement with this post. Every time I hear, “Wait until I get tenure! Then I will finally speak truth to power,” I know the person saying this is a goddamn liar. Everybody who wants to speak their mind has already done so.

  2. I completely agree with both you and Clarissa. I speak from thirty years in my department: no one who did not speak up before tenure EVER speaks up after tenure.

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