Black post

See what you think of this.

These white folks, who call the other white folks “backwards,” “rednecks,” “racist,” and “trash,” hate to have their whiteness sullied by these other white folks. They wouldn’t want colored folks to think they were like those white folks. So, they latched onto the thing that they hate about backwards white southerners more than Honey Boo Boo, trucker hats, Toddlers and Tiaras, burning crosses, and Swamp People combined–the confederate flag.

So it can’t come down until those self-righteous Yankees unlearn their own racism, or what?

What about this?

If the confederate flag is one of the few properties whiteness has left, since the immigrants and blacks and lesbians and baby killers have repossessed everything else, how will white folks, even the ones who are advocating for it to come down and the others who will outwardly heave a sigh of relief when the thing comes down, react when nothing is left but the flesh of their terror?


2 thoughts on “Black post

    1. Octavia Butler is great! There are lots of reasons why good northerners vs evil southerners is not the way to think about this even though actually implementing slavery does mean something and even though Jim Crow apartheid, with the signs up, is a very big deal.

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