Yankee post

I lost a whole post but it was very interesting on my Yankee roots. It involved my 3x great grandfather the Irish minister and immigrant, an important figure, some of his publications and publications on him, and my exact relation to Lyman Beecher (father of Henry Ward Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe, and an important person in his own right). I think we are actually descended from his cousin, also a Lyman Beecher but four years younger. This is disturbing as it means we are not descended from a brother of the Lyman Beecher, so we are not as close cousins of the two famous abolitionist Beechers as was always said.

In any case almost every branch of that side of the family is overrun with dour Calvinists, and the reason my great grandfather, a Russian Calvinist, lost his church in Maine had to do with his calling them un-Christian because they would not integrate.

The past is endlessly fascinating, another world. Lyman Beecher, the famous one, believed in gradual emancipation and recolonization of Africa by freed slaves. He and my Lyman Beecher, another of my 3x great grandfathers, were born in the eighteenth century, and the Irish one was born in 1800. It is interesting to note that I am only five generations away from the eighteenth century, though, because generations in my family are so long.


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