A question

I need and want more research and writing time. I am also teaching three different courses this semester that all need to go well. I am leading an upcoming round-table, and hosting an upcoming speaker. I am on four graduate committees and directing two undergraduate research projects, of which one due to involves some administrative and bureaucratic work, i.e. FERPA and a lot of institutional interfacing.

In addition, we are to write a strategic plan this year and it has been becoming increasingly evident that only I have the right skills to do major writing on it. Now, it has also been announced that I am to rewrite the departmental website by May.

Something has to go and it is going to have to be my decision what it is. I think what has to be left until fall is the strategic plan. I think rewriting the website can function as work toward the strategic plan, and that pieces of this writing will be easier to farm out to others.

I think I need to give myself permission to put the strategic plan on the back burner. What do you say?


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