I have to learn APA style and pull the shorter version of the piece from the non-refereed ‘zine where it was scheduled to come out. Look what I must do — I don’t think I have done such a complicated submission before, have you? Should I have any queries, I am to visit the Author Services website or contact Taylor and Francis at

♦ This journal uses ScholarOne Manuscripts (previously Manuscript Central) to peer review manuscript submissions. Please read the guide for ScholarOne authors before making a submission. Complete guidelines for preparing and submitting your manuscript to this journal are provided below.

♦ The journal accepts online manuscript submissions via their ScholarOne Manuscripts website located at: assure anonymity, only the title should appear on the manuscript and all references to the author(s) in the manuscript should be removed. Authors must attach a separate cover page with title, name, and affiliation, email address, mailing address, and contact information.

♦ The Journal’s policy is to present original publications that are available for the first time through our journal. For these reasons, when authors submit through the ScholarOne Manuscripts website they will be asked to confirm that the submitted manuscript is an original work, has not been published before, or posted electronically, and is not being considered for publication elsewhere either in printed or electronic form.
♦ Notwithstanding the foregoing, sharing print or electronic copies of the unpublished manuscript (as long as acknowledgement of submission to the Journal is clearly visible) with a limited audience, such as colleagues or students, but not including posting to a widely accessible (online) website, would not prejudice acceptance.
♦ ScholarOne Manuscripts technical support is at If I have any other requests I am to contact Jennifer Sandlin and Will Letts, the journal’s editors, at

Preparation of Copy
♦ Authors must adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Manuscripts should be 6,000 to 8,000 words including references.
  • Manuscripts must use the most recent edition of the APA style guide for references and citations
  • Formatting should be for a standard 8.5 x 11 page and include 1-inch margins at top and bottom of page and 1.25-inch margins at left and right of the page, using 12-point font, Times New Roman.
  • Tables: Type each table on a separate page. Refer to each table in numerical order in the text. Prepare tables without vertical lines.
  • Footnotes should be in the form of Endnotes and should be used for commentary only, not for references.
  • Manuscripts must be accompanied by an Abstract of 200-250 words. An Abstract gives the reader a vivid sense of the issues, findings, and conclusions of the article. The Abstract page should have the title of the article on it, but no author names.
  • We conduct a blind review process and we request that submitted manuscripts have all references to the author removed. Authors will be prompted within the ScholarOne Manuscripts submission system to provide the title of the manuscript, the author(s) names and institutional affiliations, contact information and a short 50-100 word bio.


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