She is Cuba

I have to get this book at Tulane. It is so tempting to just click “buy,” but no. Ideally, I not even check the book out: I will go there, read, and leave having actually conducted research. Or I will become very serious and use interlibrary loan, despite not liking to do this online.

I do not know where my copy of The Dialogic Imagination is (that is a disadvantage of having too many books), but amazingly we have it at our very own library. There are other things we have: Burke, Raymond Williams, some of Koselleck, and it is impressive. The 1983 edition of Williams’ book is online.

In the meantime, here is a neo-surrealist film about race and consciousness, that was recommended by our friend Junot Díaz and that should be seen. Also, there is this journal Contretemps, that is Communist and I used to flee dogma, but I think some serious left theory may be needed now.


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