Comments on me this week

Interlibrary librarian: I remember your name because you have such a happy persona.

(What I thought: You see me when I have actually ordered books, and they have arrived, and I have gotten myself here to pick them up. In addition you are my favorite office at this university, and I am very pleased you exist. For all of these reasons you always see me in states of delight.)

Colleague: Todos saben que a ti no te pisa nadie.

(What I thought: That is very interesting since from my point of view, my whole project in life is to become more calmly assertive on my own behalf.)


French immersion teacher: You are in Spanish at the university? … I see you love that!

(What I thought: I don’t think I do. But it is the second time in these last weeks that someone has said it.)

Girl I danced with: I like this, you are giving it to me straight … I mean, you know how to dance.

(What I thought: And now, grace and physical ease? Following on love, assertiveness, happiness … all the qualities I consider myself to lack? Mais il arrive quoi, donc?)

I think of myself as pensive and introverted but perhaps I am not.


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