I think we really are going into some form of nazism, and should study it.

BBC: A warning from history I … II … and there are more parts to the series. It is from the 1990s but is being rebroadcast now. The BBC has an episode guide and my interest is in the question of how the Nazi takeover started. There is a new book on Hitler as well, that looks very good.

One thing to note is that Hitler himself, like the man who would now be dictator in the United States, was indolent. The work was done by others, in a chaotic atmosphere. Hitler did not have plans, but would make remarks. Then people would take up projects, saying they were the will of the Führer.

But Wallerstein says we are not necessarily going into some form of nazism. He writes:

…[E]stamos en medio de una transición histórica estructural del mundo-sistema capitalista en que hemos vivido por unos 500 años a uno de dos sistemas sucesores –un sistema no capitalista que conserve los peores rasgos del capitalismo (jerarquía, explotación y polarización), y su opuesto, un sistema que sea relativamente democrático e igualitario.

I am assuming the repressive path will be taken before the utopian one is, but perhaps not. And this on Trump and Foucault is worth reading, too.


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