On the corruption of Trump

I did not compile this myself, but here are some links to stories, many in the form of tweet threads with links to other stories, by journalists and others who are documenting the current web of corruption and conspiracy.

1. John Schindler aka @20committee. Former National Security guy, convervative, but realpolitik. Also loves cats.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/20committee
Start here and scroll back to read up to present:
2. Megathread summary of pre-election conspiracy by Seth Abramson, poet, English professor, but also reporter.Start with the first tweet, and read the numbered tweets that follow, with links to articles. There are at least 40 tweets:
3. Louise Mensch, former Tory member of parliament, journalist, also conservative, but doing great reporting on the campaign collusion with Putin:
4. Article on why calling your reps matters:
5. The Moscow Project. Crowd-sourcing the Steele dossier (British intelligence agent who pulled together a dossier on Trump and Russian connections that was reported on last year, but published by Buzzfeed in January): https://themoscowproject.org/dossier.html
6. Khanoisseur https://twitter.com/Khanoisseur Adam Khan is exclelent at following the money, Russion money, Chinese money, etc. See these twitter threads:
On oil:
Putin, Assad, European refugee crisis:
7. Sarah Kendizior, has done a lot of work in Uzbekistan.
on cast of characters:
On autocracy:
Who are “these people””
8. Andrea Chalupa on Putin and Syria:
9. Legendary hacker:
10. Timothy O’Brien on Trump crony Felix Sater, money laundering, real estate, influence peddling:
11. Putin’s most recent assassinations:
and attempts to influence other countries:
12. Washington Post calls for Nunes to be investigated:
13. Other GOP politician in Iowa who came out against Trumpcare:

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