Today I am buying skin products. Fancy ones, if I can. Things for the eyes, and things with vitamins C and E. I will get T-Mobile cell service, too. I will balance my checkbook and pay all bills.

This is the week to patch the paint on the house. I’ll have the car detailed, and schedule a massage. I’ll read my new Sebald novel and the Perceval. I might buy perfume. If that cat is still here, I will have him neutered. I will buy flea medication.

And all of this will be for love and pleasure, and not for virtue.


3 thoughts on “Aujourd’hui

    1. Well, I am slightly more broke than expected, so we’ll see which of these things I get done. I have ordered a free sample of that skin product, though, and I am going to go down personally to the store and get eye cream.

  1. I’ve ordered serum that works for eyes, and a less expensive moisturizer, and that sample of the expensive one will come.

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