Tarot reading, and the fifties

I asked, should I move out of the country? Where is home? The layout was the Celtic Cross and I am looking at the Wild Unknown Tarot and the Biddy Tarot. I will meditate upon this.

  1. Heart of the matter/present: Six of Swords. Crossing water, leaving something regretfully but getting somewhere calmer, brighter.
  2. Challenge/obstacle: Ten of Cups. Family happiness, love, plenitude, joy. (Do I really want to leave? Have I newly fallen in love with where I am?) See also card 4. Perhaps: how to find the way from the Ace to the Ten of Cups?
  3. Root cause/deeper past: King of Wands. I of course identify with this figure.
  4. Recent past/immediate future (what is developing): Ace of Cups. True love, in a traditional reading. Beginning of love, compassion, intuition, creativity, expression (Biddy Tarot). See also card 2. There was a beginning but its realization or fruition is the obstacle or challenge.
  5. Goals/aspirations/possible outcome (“above”): Ten of pentacles. Affluence, accomplishment, completion.
  6. Unconscious motivations/possible immediate future (“below”): Five of Swords (anger, conflict, tension, hurt, defeat).
  7. Self/advice: Seven of Wands. I must assert myself and dare to stand out, but not crash and burn (viz. card 6).
  8. Context/outside world: Temperance (major arcana XIV). Equilibrium, meditation, transformation. I can work to moderate energies around me, and it appears that conditions are auspicious for this.
  9.  Hopes and fears: Four of Pentacles. Money, security, material things, control/the known/what one has; what one tried for or committed to. Perhaps also money and rigidity over trust and love (the advice most Americans give other Americans), but I tend to read this more simply as duty to the original goal, original plan, original role, original assignment. Also: hoping to have enough money/love (I see the symbol money as a stand-in for abundance/ease/love, not as their opposite).
  10. Outcome: Four of Swords. This is the outcome if I continue on the current course: rest, meditation and recovery, then a return to work on the project / projects.

Meanwhile, Dame Eleanor Hull is living the life of a 1950s male academic, and liking it. In a way, so am I–not materially, but psychically, because of having decided I have rights. It really frees up energy and time. I can only imagine how being treated like a person, and also paid enough to really live on, might augment the feeling. But the Tarot reading will help me consolidate the first step–the right step.


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