La felicidad

I was about to say this was my happiest teaching day ever, but really it is only one of my happiest teaching days, as there were periods with certain circumstances that made most days happy although it seemed normal then and did not stand out.

I would like to say the reason is my general disposition this semester, in which I refuse to tolerate the mistreatment faculty in other languages normally dish out to faculty in Spanish, and that we have traditionally swallowed because the threat was that things would get yet worse unless we kept quiet. However, I think the actual reason is that my language class–always the first class–is actually a really good class. Normally they are not and for various complex reasons this puts a serious damper on the day.

Also, I am in the salad for breakfast movement but today had a vegetable omelet. I did make salad for lunch and it was the first time I managed to make and transport a salad that did not wilt and was terribly tasty. It had butter lettuce, chopped tomato, minced red onion, black olives, and swordfish baked in olive oil and soy sauce, and then chilled. Dressing was olive oil, lime juice and salt mixed with hemp powder that I bought at a Saturday market in Jurmala, near Riga.


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