Things I want and am not buying

New glasses and linens, these are what I want. I shall perhaps buy them in January and June. It is a down comforter I want, and striped towels of Baltic linen. I want at least one, but probably more good lamps, and I want illumination under the kitchen cabinets.

But I spend larger slices of money now, and adjusting for inflation and for professional costs the university used to cover but no longer does, I make less than I used to do. I must have trees pruned, house painted, teeth fixed. But this week, I will fix the cars. I will weed and prune bushes, and spray for insects.

Then I will write my paper and go to Mexico. Next, I will make Christmas plans and  visit New Orleans. Then I will work on trees and paint. I will call about getting a protective finish on the front door. I think you can get glasses at CostCo, and I may do that. I foresee trouble including the death of my roof and my mobile telephone, but in spring and summer I will work on teeth, and I will keep working on the garden.

I don’t think I can go abroad in the summer but I have ways to travel in the United States. This gives me time to do some other things, although not money. But I also want to paint a part of the inside of the house. I want new blinds as well, and a new porch floor, too.


2 thoughts on “Things I want and am not buying

  1. I have looked at my budget and I cannot do a THING. If you have spent and spend all your money on travel, as I have and do, then you do not have any other money, and that is that.

  2. And for fall/winter on the want list, I have these sandals that I would wear with semi-transparent black hose, with a pattern in them. This is odd but weather is odd where I am and I think they are the right thing, or a right thing.

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