Not of general interest

So: for that ALFS article, for which I have so much material and so much writing, but not a clear enough shape, I have these thoughts: 1. We have this situation: Les valeurs d’émancipation et d’égalité n’animent plus le système universitaire, qui est devenu un système de tri de la population. Durant mon enfance, l’éducation … More Not of general interest

La felicidad

I was about to say this was my happiest teaching day ever, but really it is only one of my happiest teaching days, as there were periods with certain circumstances that made most days happy although it seemed normal then and did not stand out. I would like to say the reason is my general … More La felicidad

Interlibrary loan

It is hard to believe that the book I seek is only in 2 libraries worldwide and that software wants me to request the one in England (held, I believe, in a non-circulating section of the library) and not the one in Texas. Another book I seek, costs $100 to buy. If it were less … More Interlibrary loan