Things to do

First, call the bookkeeper (because she has a call in). Then, call the business office (because I have tried to before). Then, find out about whether there is a case manager. Next, start finding out about the doctors.

My most recent missive on this matter had these points:

1. [] will visit one afternoon (post physical therapy) this week and at regular intervals thereafter. She should be allowed to retrieve and bring mail, and also retrieve and bring any items from his apartment Dad may need. [] has met her. Important: [] spoke this evening to [], the mailman, who gave him a HUGE stack of mail from Dad’s mailbox, that will be sent down to him tomorrow, Sunday.

2. [], the bookkeeper, should also visit at regular intervals, as she did this fall. She can make sure any business mail that arrives, is dealt with, that banking matters are handled, and that the checks which arrive are duly deposited and do not go astray. I’ll call her about this and general arrangements; I also need to get in touch with []’s office to make sure insurance issues are handled.

3. Can we know what doctor is now overseeing care, and also whether or not there is a social worker or case manager we can be talking to? Communication and information seem to be so very fragmented and fragmentary, and it takes such a long time each day and week to get through and gather available information that much is left undone.

4. With whom we should be in touch for medical information? Is Dr. [] being kept up to date? Is the cardiologist Dad saw at Marin General now his cardiologist permanently? Are the people coordinating care for current conditions aware of other ongoing conditions (e.g. macular degeneration, for which he has eyedrops, etc.)?

5. I cannot reiterate enough how important it is for Dad to have some semblance of regular life, as opposed to the feeling of being in limbo/waiting, waiting for information. I did learn from a nurse today what some of the very concrete goals are for him and communicate these to him, which helped since he now feels more informed and thus more in control.


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