The modern workplace

Working classes internalize harm. They respond to hurt and pain that liquid capital inflicts on them by, first and foremost, self-harming. It’s easier for them to believe the neoliberal narrative that they fail because something is wrong with them. So they self-punish and self-destruct. Creative and professional classes have better defenses against this. They externalize … More The modern workplace

Things to do

First, call the bookkeeper (because she has a call in). Then, call the business office (because I have tried to before). Then, find out about whether there is a case manager. Next, start finding out about the doctors. My most recent missive on this matter had these points: 1. [] will visit one afternoon (post … More Things to do

Le soleil d’hiver

There are hardly any blogs anymore. I read an old post by the great Twisty therefore, and realized once again how much it all comes down to patriarchy.  Twisty refers to “her spiritual death at college.” “It took me about 30 years to grow [my mojo] back,” she says. I didn’t have her experience then … More Le soleil d’hiver


Here is the beginning of one of my stories that never gets published. Others may not, but I like my own style. How many roads lead to Heaven? If you trip on the bridge, do you fall? Had some event marked Una, did a single moment fix her to her chair? Or was it an … More Heaven

Found phrases

“It is I who have learned to stand in my own way because of having been taught it was illegitimate that I could do these things, and inappropriate that I should be happy.” That was in a computer file I am deleting. Axé.

Pour mon article

Nothing I am saying about the neoliberal university has not been said before, but in popular discourse, including among professors and within universities, people are acting as though it had not been. Therefore, my article is necessary and is not redundant. What is fresh is my focus on vocabulary. My point is similar to one … More Pour mon article


We’ll read him next semester. «Nuestro atraso cultural se evidencia cuando nos comparamos con otras naciones. Aún no se han impuesto aquí con toda fuerza el derecho, la libertad, el deber. La tierra clásica del honor es la tierra de la arbitrariedad: en política, en el caciquismo deshonroso; en literatura, el elogio interesado y la … More Azorín


It is not what they do to you, it is what they can get you to do to yourself, is an important point for those of us who are dealing with misogyny or any kind of discrimination, really. Another thing to remember is that although we are constantly told that most people can never admit … More Resist