Sobre la honestidad en la mujer

A friend of a friend writes:

In patriarchal societies, women unbound are not trusted because insecure men fear that their offspring could be fathered by others and that created a societal need to subjugate and control women. Even in this day and age, for men and unevolved women, the worst and also most believed insult about a woman is that she is dishonest. It’s a knee jerk reaction for men when confronted with a strong independent woman. You can thank thousands of years of patriarchal societies and the evangelicals that perpetuate the Dominionism crap on which they have a death grip. [Emphasis added]

This explains the accusations of dishonesty my great-aunt and I got from my mother, and that I have periodically gotten since. I am sincere to a fault anyway, and I even allow myself to be trampled upon in an attempt to demonstrate loyalty and non-hostility, but I am still accused of dishonesty, and it still hurts especially, and I do guess I understand it at last.


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