The summer rhythm

Every day I will do:

– One thing for Dad (for example, get in touch with HCU for documents, and LTC for confirmation and verification; do some shopping for him; call him).
– One thing for research (for example, print out that contract and send it, but also, have a writing session).
– One thing for bureaucracy (for example, deal with my leave situation).
– One thing for my professional organization (for example, follow up with Academic Affairs, and then on the fall meeting).
– One practical thing (for example, get glasses and sunglasses; call my carpenter; get reservations in Apalachicola and the sea islands; pick up cleaning; get hold of a tool to repair the surface of clothes; put up those blinds; in July, order more blinds, so they come in August; see about tent repair; call the city on drainage; find a genuine arborist to prune that orange tree).
– One file organization thing (get rid of a paper file).

On SATURDAYS, when I am in town, I will go to New Orleans, and on Sunday afternoons I will go to the collective garden and then, the gym.

There are other things I will do each day, like wash dishes, get exercise, and so on, and enjoy life; this is how I am going to keep up with things, though — the idea of doing one key thing in all of these categories per day, if there are things that need doing.

Today, somehow, all I did was: get in touch with Academic Affairs; write a newsletter; write an important e-mail; make some key travel arrangements. But my general goal and desire is to live with a rhythm — not a schedule, a rhythm — and not live in the state of emergency into which I was thrown by Reeducation.


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