Le plan

1/ To qualify our courses for supplemental instruction we will say we have raised the minimum competency level to graduate. There will be more to the request: we may have to point out that it is not possible, in the first three or four courses, to create people who can easily do the major without supplemental instruction (the alternative would be to hire more and more qualified faculty, so as to be able to have a coherent curriculum and stick to it, but since we cannot, we MUST be able to coach enough students to A+ in the lower level courses).

2/ My colleague will take over the honor society.

3/ My next mini-grant will be for library materials. The other one will be used by me for students — they will not each get their own spending accounts, but will have to sign an agreement to match the money spend on materials for them, and not expect never to buy or read a book.

4/ I have to post to Moodle for one course and put up instructions for a make-up written composition and oral composition for the other course.

5/ I have to grade very many papers.

6/ I will read at least two articles for my own reasons before I do any of the above.

7/ Good-bye.


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