Peter Lang

Why do people publish in Peter Lang, nowadays? It used not to be for any good reason. But I keep seeing people do it — with books I think could be published in non-vanity venues. Is something happening?



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4 responses to “Peter Lang

  1. Brandon

    I don’t hear anything nowadays about Peter Lang, or Edwin Mellen Press, for that matter. But you might find this interesting, even though it’s from eight years ago.

    • Z

      Yeah. Lang books have never been all bad. It’s just that one was always advised not to publish with them because it doesn’t look right. And I then wonder — what is going *on* — I know for some it’s just a question of getting the mss. off their desk, an act of cleansing and archiving, but then I see books that in my estimation really could have gone somewhere with a more solid reputation…

  2. Brandon

    I just found this, where writers share their experiences with various presses:

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