Things involving Ferreira da Silva

I am not a Christian but I am about to use a Christian talisman for work, namely Paul’s words to Timothy: G-d does not give the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and sound mind. (Those words were written long ago but notice how little people have changed.) I am terrified of this project and need to live another way.

About the project: it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between platitudes and profundities. I keep finding F. da S. half very insightful and half flat, or too pat. Here human/universal (post Enlightenment) time, where everything culminates in modern Man, is contrasted to non-linear transformation (instead of progression). Perhaps I should just say yes. BUT I AM NOT CONVINCED BY REFERENCES TO CARTESIAN MIND-BODY DUALISM AS EXPLANATIONS OF WHAT IS BAD IN THE WORLD.

MEANWHILE, What is difference? Do we all have to be the same by color or culture to deserve the same rights, or is humanity enough similarity (note that we have to “other” people so as to posit them as lesser humans). F. da S. keeps saying modern science, with its categorizations, hierarchies, and linear thought is what divides and “others.” We need to stop this.

There was an article on her that I would have needed to get from Interlibrary Loan and did not, and I have misplaced the reference. I am hoping to find it, and I am hoping to find my notes from yesterday, toward my other essay.


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