Cecilia Valdés [need title]

(Yes, this is a rehash of earlier abstracts but the thing is that all the things I promised to develop in the said abstracts, did not get developed.)

Undermining the nation? Displacement and dystopia in 19th century Latin American narrative
Fractured families and dystopian romance in 19th century Latin American narrative
Fictional foundations: anti-national non-romance (or anti-national fantasy, colonial rhapsody)

Celui n’est pas mon père
… something along these lines. I would be saying that these novels (Sommer’s novels) point not to national unity but to its impossibility, and look at María and C.V. (and maybe more) as novels of emptying, not plenitude (consider Sab, O Mulato). Reviews like this one remind us that for Sommer “unsuccessful or tragic versions of these romances point toward the problems that need to be solved in order to attain an ideal future” but I say not.

Villaverde’s father-in-law was Inocencio Casanova.

Antonyms for found(ed): gone(p), lost, straying, stray, misplaced, mislaid, missing, wasted, squandered

I will keep working on this.


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