Latvia and César Moro

These topics are not unrelated since Latvia and the Baltics had such a strong modernist movement. I want to go on Latvian and Russian immersion in Riga, and then start studying Baltic modernism. I am not joking. I could study law as well, and write interesting columns for the international press.

There are films and series about life in Soviet Estonia I would like to see. I need to see other realistic films about life in the USSR and the Baltics.

I learned about Robin Myers, an interesting poet and translator from the United States who lives in Mexico City. I learned about her via books I was looking at related to César Moro, and look at the theme of everything, for us all — moving to foreign capitals to do our work.


I have decided to allow myself to seriously consider running away to Latvia, even though it may not be possible financially in the end. This is the Latvia Weekly. I did not expect to fall in love with Latvia, but I did.

I have also decided not to try to work at home. This, I discern, has been my error for a long time. “Unhygienic,” said a friend, and I agree. I’m going to get rid of books more agressively, too. My life will improve.


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