Et encore

Films for undergraduate gen-ed courses: Even the rain (again), El espinazo del diablo (again), La lengua de las mariposas (even though I used to think this was hokey), and we will see what else. My friend says Alex de la Iglesia, El bar and El crimen ferpecto, and I say perhaps Roma although I am not entirely sure. (Ideally everything will be on Netflix or Amazon Prime.)

I would like to see A Critical and Comprehensive Sociological Theory of Race and RacismGolash-Boza, Tanya. Sociology of Race and Ethnicity , April 2016, Vol. 2 Issue: 2 p129-141, 13pp.) and must ask for it from ILL. (Perhaps someone has a PDF.)

If you relax and keep working and do not lose your head or thread, you get somewhere. I have great threads, like the one on José Antonio, and I know how to do this — I just think I should not do it, or I am afraid there will be extreme violence if I do, i.e. violence yet more extreme than what there will be if I do not; also, I think doing is bending to the will of people I do not want to obey any more. Doing, however, is ACTUALLY the safer and more pleasant route, and it isn’t bending to the d—-ed will, it’s talking to one’s tribe.

I am using Ferreira da Silva for really specific reasons, and understanding and explaining those issues is more important than agreeing or not with her general model.


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