Ahora bien

Here is what I am generally addressing [Schwarz’ perception]: “the most specific feature of Brazilian [and Spanish American?] society (and, by extension, its culture) is to be permanently maladjusted with respect to itself, precisely because of its peripheral-capitalistic character.”

My question: evoke-and-elide. This is something Sommer has solved as projection into the future but what if this é assim mesmo?

That article which updates Schwarz suggests the situation isn’t resolvable, healable, and this is what I think is going on as well, why the books are so strange. These narratives of healing are ambivalent. Is it just that they are the stories of a criollo class, [a “síntoma criollo”] … or is it something else?

Da Silva would say that it is because racism (colonialism) are inevitable, and she has a theory of the Lat Am subject that shows why evoke-and-elide is necessary. It is more interesting than the answer that these texts are of the Creole class and merely reflect their interests, or other explanations, because it speaks to the broader context.

Key in da Silva is the idea of GLOBAL, which goes to coloniality/modernity . . .

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