Putting my head on

I’ve had a headache all day. It has to do with allowing myself to be colonized by fear, and not wanting to recognize that yes you do have to fight back. I will have to find a way to resist these things and perhaps also strengthen my back. And in case we wondered, slavery IS essential to capitalism.

I could start one of these papers with Toussaint / CLR James: that is when we found out modernity only applied to white people / Europe.

Questions of the day: dependency theory, is it really outmoded? Does it apply to Africa? I think it still applies to Latin America. I may need to consider this; it seems 22 African presidents have been assassinated by France since 1963 and I think that is enough to say Africa is colonial.

Slavery/modernity: not a contradiction but a requirement. Think: Mignolo, da Silva, Schwarz, Habermas, but also everyone Dussel quotes, Sommer. The short-circuits. The uneasiness. The uncomfortable rubbing. The submerged contradictions.

The romantic-national line of thinking and Doris Sommer: is she just discussing it, or is she participating it? Also, is her salvation-through-miscegenation thesis an “idea out of place“? Or is she just quoting Bolívar?

And: Roberto Schwarz’ ideas are a lot more complex than I had comprehended before, that is, their context and implications are. This Palti article is really smart although I do not have time to understand it all. What of use can I understand now — it really puts a lot of important things together?

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