…this paper, D. da Silva to revise some [Sommer-based] readings of 19C Brazilian texts? But is that strong enough? What about LASA? Axé.

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Here is what I am generally addressing [Schwarz’ perception]: “the most specific feature of Brazilian [and Spanish American?] society (and, by extension, its culture) is to be permanently maladjusted with respect to itself, precisely because of its peripheral-capitalistic character.” My question: evoke-and-elide. This is something Sommer has solved as projection into the future but what … More Ahora bien

Roberto Schwarz

…universality, or the idea of it, masks class antagonisms and this became evident after the 1848 revolutions. Brazilian liberal pamphlet from the time of Machado: modernity and science are modern, but in Brazil slavery dominates (so Brazil opposes science). Etc. Various people in 19C point out that Brazil does NOT incarnate liberal European values. Europe … More Roberto Schwarz

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Very well. First, Robert Irwin 2001 on Anzaldúa — why had I not found this before? (Well, I had, but I had forgotten). He implies exactly what I think: Chicano Studies is US-centric and needs a view from the South (if it is really going to help do Border Studies in a non colonizing way). … More De l’or

Encore des articles.

Now let’s talk about some more really old articles, in part to get them out of my files and in part because they are still relevant. Telles, Edward E. and Nelson Lim. 1998. “Does it Matter Who Answers the Race Question? Racial Classification and Income Inequality in Brazil”. Demography 35(4). November, 465-474. [REALLY ONE SHOULD … More Encore des articles.

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There are 23 Czech koruna to the dollar and I have to know this since I have not been able to convince my computer I am not Czech. How it got this idea I am not sure. Axé.

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Back to Da Silva and the modernity thesis. Of course Dussell has pointed out the colonialist tropes in Hegel, etc., with juicy quotations. Greg McCarthy’s summary of Da Silva is better than mine, for its concision. Note that Da Silva can help with Anzaldúa too. My thesis for paper #1 is that the evoke-and-elide movement … More …finishing the post