Le calvinisme et le travail

Yesterday this illness I have had came upon me again and I wanted to go to sleep for the night at 7:17 PM. I said: you cannot do that, you must read at least one article and answer one e-mail, it won’t be too much. But it took me until after midnight to really read the article because it was a bit long and I was going slowly because I was so tired, and I didn’t get to the e-mail. And then I was so TRULY exhausted that I slept most of the morning. Moral: Calvinism is not only bad for you, it is inefficient. A pox upon that Benjamin Moses Bary for turning into Matveevich, converting, and getting so Calvinistic. He did his children no good by it, nor me.

This, once again, is why I am opposed to academic advice. The neoliberalism of it and the Calvinism.


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