Farvel, farvel

For summer I am trying to step up my program of divesting myself of books and files. My focus is on copies of books I doubt I will read, and on journal issues now available electronically.

Yesterday I got rid of a nice copy of George Steiner, After Babel, because the pages are so yellowed. Going today is PMLA 134:1 (January, 2019). It has a special topic, “Cultures of Reading,” and it has this article about cataloguing, race, and classification, which is even more interesting than it sounds; this fascinating piece on Juan Moreira and the literary nation; a very good anticolonial theory of reading (related to the article on race and classification); and a piece on Fanon that is more than worthwhile.

And I am sure the rest of it would be interesting to me as well, but it is going nonetheless.

Farvel! Farvel!


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