Public library, and tile

The university library is closed, but public library is open and the book I want is in it. This is rare. It’s even open now, and I can walk there. I’m going.

I’m mesmerized by the choices of tile for the floor.

My two other floors have tile by Segarra, and if I continue with his tile there will be a form of continuity. I’ve thought of  Kings Aurora Nero (it’s the same size as the others I have, and divided in 4); one could make a subtle checkerboard with this and Kings Aurora White. For something wild, Kings Etna Blue (13”, divided in 9), and it could be mixed or punctuated with Kings Etna Green.

Solid black, white, and bright colors are all bad on these floors, although black/white combinations seem shockingly good. Smallish patterns can be quite good. Saltillo tile ought to be good but seems boring and often, too orange or too brown, whereas similar tile in beige and cream, with golden undertones works well with the wood.

I discovered an amazing tile store in area code 512 (Austin), and decided I wanted to visit. Then I realized it’s actually in Leander, where my girl lives.

Finally, I took the D-score test and these are my results. They explain a lot; most other people have a higher, or much higher D-factor than I, and this is why I do not understand them.


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