Fine Young Cannibals

This old post by Slaves of Academe is important on the promotion of vapid faculty but is he right, still, about the regional or urban working-class university? What does it mean when even these are market universities? I did not fully understand Readings’ book back then, and I should read it now. I was sure … More Fine Young Cannibals

Consumer or citizen

We were no longer citizens, but taxpayers, and now we have been further reduced to consumers, exercising our democratic rights through this megaphone. The consumer is sold things, not necessarily the things they want, and the things are nonetheless needed, and very expensive. Consumers can express their displeasure and be treated with unvarying politeness, but … More Consumer or citizen


Six Louisiana institutions are under AAUP censure right now, and one of them, LSU-BR, is under double censure. The investigations that lead to censure are expensive. This is why the national AAUP is depressed about us. No state has so many institutions under censure, and many have none. Louisiana is a small state with few … More The AAUP

Mockery of Don Pedro on Horseback by Federico García Lorca. Translated by Roberta Quance

Originally posted on At 2200 ft:
From an illustration by Rafael Alberti N.B. One of Lorca’s Gypsy Ballads.?? In the original, the term laguna (translated below as “lagoon”: first, second and last) is also meant to suggest that there was a gap –a textual lacuna — in a manuscript transmitting a traditional ballad about a certain…