“Siglo XXI = ruinas del XX”

This explains a very great deal. The ruins of early capitalism are swallowed up by the ruins of later capitalism.

Echos, phrases, gestures… “Elegies to dead children and murdered indigenes” (look up this article)…

Course: Desiertos sonoros, Las batallas en el desierto, Balún-Canán, Señales… [Herrera] and what more? Bolaño, Rulfo, modernismo anglófono (Woolf, Kerouac, more), cuerpo, voz, el ser, el ser dividido; this novel by Luiselli is in a way a modernist archive and is in a sense “about” the violence of that archive.

Is this novel really about the disappeared children or about the family (the question that has been put to the film Roma)?

(I still want to give my course on Sarmiento, Borges, Respiración artificial, and to do and develop so much that I could have done earlier.)

We’re going to read DUDE LIT next.


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