Log May 10-15

Tuesday, May 10: Read Grüner, thought.
Wednesday, May 11: Worked on text, also read de Castro, Rama. I have 1345 polished words not including the footnotes, and some of my unpolished ones are more polished. I am comfortably into the piece now, and fascinated–and could drop my irrational work habits, I do not need them because I’ve centered myself and centered this, so stopping, or doing other things, doesn’t pull me out of mode the way it did for so long, and mode is not hard to go into.
Thursday, May 12: Worked on text. I now have 1622 polished words, not including footnotes. That is 277 new ones, it being the case that 250 is my target (plus ending at a point where I know where the next starting point is, which I also did today).
Friday, May 13: Looked at some notes. Transcendental poesis and mestizaje. I am on the right track. Also found fragments of an old paper that I think could be my next one.
…some of the notes: Glissant’s comment against transparency is in Poétique de la relation. Haitian constitution 1805 first Black Republic. Grüner’s purpose is to consider what the Haitian Revolution allows us to think.
Saturday, May 14: More writing. Now I have 1860 polished words.
Sunday, May 15: Made fun of the author. This is therapeutic and will free me, but I’m taking a week off. In five days I got more than 500 words and honestly, on this, 100 words/day is good, I think.


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