Is it safe to consider the possibility of love? is the question the Tarot reader said I had been testing out in this psychic space. Could it become safe to be a person, the subject of one’s own acts? What if accepting love did not imply imprisonment and servitude? “Everything looks dangerous to you, everything looks like risking your life, but how will you feel in life if you assume safety rather than danger?” In the dreams I had it meant I got decolonized and unblocked, could type quickly and press send often, had good instincts and knew when to take cover and when to run across the street without questioning my judgment. The old dream had me using my father’s skills–driving, talking to officials in different languages. (Then there was me, transporting immigrants during a pandemic, and now, thinking that what everyone else was doing in the spring, flying to Warsaw, renting a car and going to pick up refugees at the UA border, would be too tame.)

2 thoughts on “Tarot

  1. NOTES. 1. That spirit I saw was not a spirit, it was my awareness of this person(ality)’s presence. 2. Notice how I kept telling this person who I was, assuming I knew who they were and that they would tell me what they could/would on their own time. I was trying to elicit instead of asking directly. Next time, question them. Get them to talk more.

  2. So: the question of *consenting to love* which I always thought meant consenting to abuse / manipulation / ownership / caretaking / other undesirable things.

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