September log

1 and 2: Nothing. Other work and also, staying up too late, which I want to stop doing. I started with 3556 words.
3: 219 words. It took a long time and it took ignoring practical tasks. If I stop staying up so late, so I feel stronger, will this help me be more efficient or will I feel so good that I am distracted from writing? Because I think I am using fatigue to get into a semi-impaired state so I can say f— it, I’ll just write today, and I won’t require myself to go fast. And this project can’t go fast, but if I felt better I would be tempted to try to force it to go too fast. So maybe a compromise is possible: sleep before midnight but also, I still get to write slowly and to have non-productive hours during the day? After all, that was how I was productive for all those years.
4. More. I now have 4052 total words. That’s 275 new words, but it didn’t take as long to write as juicing up to face it did and it wasn’t as hard as this has been.
5. Finished a paragraph, so got ahead, but also edited. Now at 4057 words. Added 63 but subtracted 58.
6. Touched it, added a missing word, put in an important note on how to develop the next section. Word count 4058.
7. Nothing, but went to the library on it.
8. Nothing.
9. Touched it.
10. 71 words. Now at 4129.
11. 374 words and some drafting. I am now at 4503 polished ones.
12. Fooled with it, editing, doing some reading, a little drafting.
13. Fooled with it, did some reading.
14. Some reading, editing and a little writing. Now 4596 polished words.
15. Nothing. Goal is to finish this section in such a way as to then start reading for the next one Monday.
16. Still nothing really, although I touched it, reactivated memory, drafted. Friday.
17. Finished the section perhaps, cutting out a lot of ideas and a lot of what I had drafted. I have 4695 polished words.
18. 268 words, and I have 4961 polished words. Really finished the section and I have 365 new words since Friday.
19-20. Editing and drafting, and pushing ahead. I have 4981 polished words, making 385 new ones since Friday, but I’ve drafted further.
21. 251 new words, and some drafting. I am at 5,274 polished. That is a total of 678 new polished words so far this week.
22. Mills, The Racial Contract. How important is it to get this book now? This author also wrote Blackness Visible. These books are slightly passé, but were interesting. Some drafting done. 5474 polished words, making 835 this week.
23. Editing. Down to 5463 words, or 824 this week. Friday. I started the month with 3556 words, so I have written 1907 words in 23 days. Interesting to see how that averages out: as a 6-day worker this is 20 days, so, just under 100 words per day. I guess I will tell people that’s it, I can write 500 words per week.
24. Up to 5676 polished words. 213 today. And so we start a new week. And more revision–now it seems as though I wrote 370 words today, although my total is now down to 5671, because of how much I rewrote/revised. But it’s 208 entirely new polished words. Results for this week so far.
25. Another 219 words, making 427 so far this week. I’ve got 5890 in all.
26. 407. That is 834 so far this week. Total 6,297 now. It really is better if you can produce 250 a day, 1500 a week, 6000 a month, and I may not make half that. I need to work back up to it, I feel.
27. Touched it.
28. 240. That makes 1074 so far this week. Total 6,546 now and I know where the next paragraph starts.
29. 68. That is 1142 this week and 6614 total.
30. 30. That is 1172 this week and 6644 total words in the document. I might get more tonight but I am counting them toward October, I think. And that’s about 3188 words this month.


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