October 14-31

14. Got to 7620. This is from 7474, so that is146 new words. I could go on but I have other things I must do. But I’ve gotten so far into this paper that it doesn’t take work to get back into it if I stop, and I can stop if I’m working because I’m not afraid of losing my zone or train of thought. // Ah, now I am at 7780, so that is another160 words, coming to 306 as a total for today. That’s even beyond my number for a good day, which is 250, and I have more in me although I must go away again. Later: editing and rewriting, doing some reading, and I have netted 19 additional words (coming up to 7799, and 325 as today’s catch). And now: at 7836, so there have been 361 words today.

15. Editing, thinking. At 7842, so a total of 367 words these two days. Planned: just some reading. But now I am at 7951 so that means I have added 115 words today meaning 476 this weekend. Much later, but with a much better text and a big realization: 7957, so we’re at 482 in this period. Now 8043 and I really must stop, I need to read more to get further and I haven’t even finished reading Moten or da Silva, the things I was going to read today. 568 words in this period, of which 207 today. And now: 8188. That is 145 more. So, a total of 352 today and 713 in this period.

16. Touched, edited, drafted just a little–or really more than a little. 8192. 717 in this period.

17. More drafting. I am not sure how many of these words I’ll keep, maybe 63 of them are finished. But I am not counting any of them so far, and still citing yesterday’s numbers. There will be a big jump soon, and I am SO ready to be finished.

18. Touched.

19. New bibliography includes: https://www.upress.umn.edu/book-division/books/the-problem-of-the-negro-as-aa-problem-for-gender and https://www.amazon.co.uk/Toward-African-Future-Limit-World/dp/0957572204. Also: Irmgard Emmelheinz.

20. Nothing. So I am saying that there were 781 this week, and some more research. THURSDAY/END of week.

21. Touched, more drafting. 9163 words but this now includes the unfinished words. Later: 8,329 and I started at 8155, so that is 174 today, in the new week.

22. Edited. Down to 8298. I have to resist working on this more to get other things done. Or no? Also, I have to write a little mini-grant to get a series, Latin American Literature in Transition, for our library. And 368 new words, but they still need editing and rewriting. Update: 294 of them are polished. So I’ll say so far the new week has 174-31+294. Updated to 272. So, 143+272=415. I am at 8572 polished words in all. Update: -1, editing. Now cut out more, and am down to 180, so it’s 323. I’m at 8480. And now, down to 148, so I am at 8448. And now, 8529. And now–8714 and (tentatively) done. (559 words in two days, that’s good.)
23. Rereading, revising, cutting, formatting. I can have a maximum of 10,000 words with bibliography and notes. Right now I am at 8758 and it will be more once I write all of this out. But I need some revision as well, and perhaps a different conclusion. Later: 8826. Later still: actually, with bibliography and notes it is over 10,000, I had not realized. I am cutting.
24, 25, 26. Grinding on revisions and a new abstract, and framing for a new book review that spins out from this.
27, 28. Nothing. Campus visitor, though, and some discussion of topic.
29, 30. Grinding. Polishing, working slowly on bibliography and notes, finding and fixing errors. Started two more abstracts, one on this material and some novels, and another on a small part of Silva (TGIR 25-3) that will address the global and the horizon of death. Also, note that there is this GREAT run-down on the history of slavery on, believer it or not, AP Central. See also Patterson’s preface, on the slave plantations of the Italian Empire in the Mediterranean that were models for the Spanish and Portuguese ones. It started in the Eastern Mediterranean as early as the twelfth century and was in sugar. Also: notice Kaja Silverman on film theory and the anxiety of suturing (suture creates anxiety in the viewer), and Lund’s book on hybridity.
31. Worked on the text/footnotes/bibliography, chose journal, worked on abstract and bio for it. Progress. Again, I notice this took time. Significant time.


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