I will change my ACLA title to Denise Ferreira da Silva, Globality, and Social Death. And I should withdraw and resubmit my IILI abstra

For Spanish 442 I need those Cambridge Core volumes, Latin America in Transition, and MGM’s article on Martí. Also, Rama 1982. It’s a very good discussion of the rejection of Spain and the insistence on international literary models—and of the way in which white Latin Americans decided to describe themselves as Indian/Black—and it is worth rereading. And Joseba’s article on the raza latina, and Beatriz González Stepan [oh dear, what was that piece]? Also Efraín on Sarmiento. … And Sarmiento en el desierto. Exceso de vida, instinto de muerte

For the new revision of the prison paper, maybe this: [1] Discuss/quote Espiritu on differential inclusion, see Cacho’s explanation and also the quotation here. Cacho says, differential inclusion is for people subject to the law but not protected by it, and needed by society but not given full rights. Also, defined as not law abiding. So as Grüner says, you incriminate (this is a more accurate term than discriminate).


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