Log October 28-November 4

28. Nothing. Campus visitor, though, and some discussion of topic.
29, 30. Grinding. Polishing, working slowly on bibliography and notes, finding and fixing errors. Started two more abstracts, one on this material and some novels, and another on a small part of Silva (TGIR 25-3) that will address the global and the horizon of death. Also, note that there is this GREAT run-down on the history of slavery on, believer it or not, AP Central. See also Patterson’s preface, on the slave plantations of the Italian Empire in the Mediterranean that were models for the Spanish and Portuguese ones. It started in the Eastern Mediterranean as early as the twelfth century and was in sugar. Also: notice Kaja Silverman on film theory and the anxiety of suturing (suture creates anxiety in the viewer), and Lund’s book on hybridity.
31. Worked on the text/footnotes/bibliography, chose journal, worked on abstract and bio for it. Progress. Again, I notice this took time. Significant time in the morning. Then some more editing, part of it important, in the evening. I don’t know if I will have time for anything tomorrow, but it is all right. Total word count is 9,667 but progress now is not gauged in terms of numbers of words.
1-2. Slogging. Text is now perfect. Working on notes and bibliography. How much to document, or not? 85 names in list of works cited. 9886 words. Also finished abstract and bio to specifications of this journal.
3. More refining, abstract, notes, bibliography. 10,178 words. Main text on its own is just 9,466.

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