Nuevos hispanismos transatlánticos en el siglo XXI

Panhispanism is now a thing. One must look at Laura Scarano, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata – CONICET, and other places. It came up because I was asked to meld the survey courses into one, and/or teach the introduction to Latin American Studies, or something. Something. I’m tired of desperately coming up with courses I’ve got to stretch for, to fit us into some new thing, but Panhispanism is a thing now. There is so much to know.


2 thoughts on “Nuevos hispanismos transatlánticos en el siglo XXI

  1. What a challenge! How do you get a handle on that? Thematically (e.g. novels and films of teror), through periodization (e,g, Enlightenments). Does this presuppose redesigning Hispanism?

  2. Well, it’s easier to do for the pre-1800 period, and I guess you could start afterwards with the new constitutions, and so on. Thematically, you could do it. But yes, it presupposes redesigning Hispanism. A bigger task than I want to take on, really–and good point by you

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