Benedito Nunes

I am recycling a file including a photocopy of a typescript of Benedito Nunes, “Antropophagisme et surréalisme,” followed by a French translation with good notes. I think the translation is here and that I could get it from a legitimate source. It was part of a colloquium, “Surréalisme périphérique,” of which there are some other pieces in that file.

I don’t need these files for practical reasons but they were such a memento of myself for so long. I had more or less killed myself but I wanted evidence that I had existed. I need the space, but I’ll miss having the file.

Randal Johnson’s old chapter, Tupy or not Tupy, that has excellent information in it still. The book it was in wasn’t at the university, but I found it at the public library. I loved those days.

And I said a lot more in this post, but it was lost.


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