Race in Spain–and that language article

It is important to read this article about race.

Also, I think I’m going to go to that SCLA conference again and present my paper “Language and the entrepreneurial university,” and see what they think of it.

For that, there is this important article from 1989. Language is historically and linguistically conditions; experiences become experiences through the mediation of language; in this sense, language makes history possible. There is still a difference between language and passion, and language and action, and language is never identical to events…and its reaction to events is inadequate. Or, in other words: language and reality are separate, but have mutual impact. Arguments change situations, and misinterpret situations, and there are tensions between language and historical reality (that, again, constitutes history). P. 658: what is a citizen and who gets to vote? This is decided because of language and vocabulary, and that is the kind of shift I am talking about. The author’s thesis is that language changes more slowly than does the chain of events that it helps to set in motion and that it seeks to comprehend. (So I extrapolate: we use the same words, but they no longer refer to the same reality). And the difference between past reality and its linguistic elaboration will never be overcome.


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