Las emociones

Typically, by Friday, exhausted, and on Saturday, sad and angry. What goes into all of this?

  • depletion — so much energy out, no energy in
  • working at a low level — not allowed to really work — it is so disappointing when one has sacrificed so much. If you could be at home with the people you love, or in a place you love, or supporting people you love, a bad work situation wouldn’t matter as much or could be made lighter of … and I’d say it would be easier to switch fields, too. But we’ve sacrificed all of that because we committed to a profession. Work does not love you back, we know, but we want to be allowed to love it.
  • it’s the harassment and obstruction, and the threats — at individual and local levels, and statewide
  • for me, it’s also the infantilization on the one hand, combined with the negative energy born, apparently, of envy, and also the starvation of everything — there are no resources and no joy except what I can create malgré eux
  • it is hard to know what to do about this but I would like to enjoy work not suffer through it: there has to be some way to make this possible, some way to take more power


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