Things to do in Florida

Tarpon Springs (near Clearwater) Passe-a-Grille (beach near Tampa) Biloxi’s Balmoral Inn is recommended although I feel one might as well sleep in Florida or New Orleans I want to stay at the Buena Vista Motel in Mexico Beach and the Gibson Inn in Apalachicola. Axé.


I read about all these professors and how happy they are, how independent and financially secure and creative, and I think: I should be happy and productive, and it is only my lack of strength that prevents it They are happy in places even sadder than here; I should be too I am lazy and … More Mais

Ça change

1. I have changed my perspective and will change it more. I seem to be integrating. I also note that my extreme desire for life is very inspiring to some, and at the same time very repellent to others. This is quite interesting and by Googling “desire for life” I discovered Morita Therapy.  I do … More Ça change

La depresión

I can see it: YES I suffer from depression. I see it after having a day at work which, because of having visits from elsewhere which had to do directly with our department, was a GREAT DAY and reminded me of days at work elsewhere. It was so great that somehow the following day felt … More La depresión

More on priorities

I still think the original article was the most interesting, with its discussion of time, what time is, and its practical questions: What matters now? (People change in time, so it’s natural that priorities change in time, as well. Make sure you’re not acting on yesteryear’s priorities just because you had them last year.) What … More More on priorities

The connection between belief in truth, confidence, direction and purpose (you need the first to have the other three)

I am up to auto-psycho-radiography again, because of the confirmation that one should think of one’s days in terms of defining and acting on priorities, not of “time management.” Actual priorities, however, are not always easy to discern. One has the priorities one thinks one should have, and the ones one does have (and acts … More The connection between belief in truth, confidence, direction and purpose (you need the first to have the other three)

Things to read

J. E. Pacheco, Morirás lejos. On James Mill, progressive versus traditional education, and charter schools. The other Foucault — what led him to politics? Crackeros, novelists I should read. I want to read but first I need to calm down. I don’t feel calm in small towns. I’d also like to live somewhere with bookstores, … More Things to read