Even as amusement during a hurricane I did not have the patience to watch all of Lars von Trier’s 2011 film, although I did see the spectactular end. It reminded me of Tree of Life, which is from the same era, but I will say that this film is less meaningless than Tree of Life.


6 thoughts on “Melancholia

    1. I actually went back and watched the rest, or most of it, and yes, and LvT is fascinating but misogynistic … it’s not his depression that bothers me, and I love the anti realist elements in his films, but he has this sadistic streak.

  1. Z: I can’t manage more than a passing remark right now, but I do think the upper classes are panicking. How much longer can they hold on?

  2. Those who are simply rich or the old style upper classes? My theory is that the old style upper classes may be calm like the Justine character. The new style ones, they seem to be trying to amass more cash while the planet dies … I don’t know, is it a sign of panic?

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